Energihuset - store planer i Ipark

Ipark Eiendom er tildelt 1 MNOK fra Enova

Kulturministeren åpnet Arkivenes Hus - et sentralt kultur- og forskningssenter i Ipark på Ullandhaug

Kulturminister Linda Hofstad Helleland åpnet i dag Arkivenes Hus i Ipark - Innovasjonspark Stavanger. Den offisielle åpningen ble etterfulgt av taler og hilsener, blant annet fra byggherre, arkitekt, entreprenør og representanter fra arkivinstitusjonene. Kulturministeren markerte åpningen med å løsne en stor binders fra båndet i fargene til det norske flagget.

Vacant offices at the Innovation Park

We have flexible office premises suittable for both small and larger companies, public sector organisations, and research and development environment.

Among the best within renewable energy

Did you know that Innovation Park has its own energy plant? The Innovation Park is investing in renewable energy through dedicated subsidiary Ullandhaug Energi. Following the subsidiary’s establishment, the energy consumed in heating and cooling the Innovation Park’s buildings has been reduced by 45%.

Good breakfast with good neighbours

Together with Validé, Ipark has established a networking breakfast at which companies have the opportunity to present themselves to each other. The breakfast meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month.

Your idea can be commercialised

Validé is a leading organisation within the development of growth companies in the region, and is part of the Innovation Park. Validé is able to provide assistance during all phases of the commercialisation process.

Companies completed incubator period

Ten companies have graduated from Validé's incubator.

New hospital coming to Ullandhaug

The Board of Directors of the Western Norway Regional Health Authority has desgineated Ullandhaug as the location for Stavanger's new hospital.

Arkivenes Hus wins award

The award recognises projects which have shown a particular willingness and ability to consider and implement innovative solutions to ensure a safe construction site.

Validé is hiring a PR COnsultant

Validé is located at the Innovation Park at Ullandhaug, an international center for innovation, research and industry development.

UiS focus on digital examination

During 2017, 80% of all examinations held at the University of Sytavanger (UiS) will be taken digitally.

Discount agreements for you and your employees

Did you know that as a part of the Innovation Park you will have access to a range of facourable dicsount agreements? This includes gym membership, massage, hotels, office furnitures and more.