Around 130 companies are based at Innovation Park, but many are unaware of the exciting work being undertaken by our various tenants. Together with Validé, Ipark has established a networking breakfast, at which companies have the opportunity to present themselves to each other. The breakfast meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month. 

Everybody needs good neighbours

Does it matter who your neighbours are? We say – yes, absolutely! Being co-located with other organisations offers many benefits for you and your Company.


  • Provides you with closer links to other parts of the business community – which can lead to new projects or further development for your organisation
  • Generates new ideas, builds brand recognition for your company, and increases your potential customer base
  • Broadens your network, and increases access to specialist competence
  • Enables you to obtain new input from other companies and colleagues, making it easier for you to find new work methods to reach your company’s – and your own – goals