An efficient energy supply

Renewable energy supplied to premises covering 90,000 m2

  • AV
  • 21. July 2018

The buildings of Ipark Eiendom, Entra (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway) and IRIS, comprising a total of around 90,000 m2, are located within a small geographic area. The existing buildings previously had separate heating and cooling systems, which resulted in demanding operations and a higher energy consumption than necessary. It was therefore desirable to modernise and improve the efficiency of the energy supply, as well as to use renewable energy in both existing and new buildings. 

In order to strengthen the area’s environmental profile, save energy and simplify the running of the buildings, a joint energy company, Ullandhaug Energi, was established. Ullandhaug Energi has invested NOK 60 million, and currently supplies heat and cooling to nine buildings at the Innovation Park, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway and IRIS. The environmentally-friendly and profitable facility is owned by Ipark Eiendom, Entra and IRIS. The recycling of excess heat from the cooling of data rooms, in combination with 54 geothermal energy wells and heat pumps (4 MW), gives an annual energy saving of around 50% of the area’s energy consumption for heating and cooling. The use of renewable energy and the efficient recycling of heat provides positive results for the area’s environmental accounts. Smi Energi og Miljø have been responsible for the development and design of the solution, along with project and construction management, and have managed the daily operation of the facility since 2009. The project has received support from Enova. – See more at: